I’ve been catching up on Podcastle episodes lately and there have been some excellent stories in there. I can’t say too much about the stories without spoiling them but I’ll try to describe them briefly:

Outlander was just fun and clever, a tale of a barbarian nobleman who joins high society.

I thought the concept behind Another Word for Map is Faith was fascinating, the idea of missionary-cartographers who bend the landscape to match their maps.

Fable From a Cage probably should have been run on the horror podcast Pseudopod instead. It’s a dark story, about a thief and his encounter with a faerie.

The Axiom of Choice is a take on the old Choose Your Own Adventure stories I read as a kid. It may take a couple minutes to get used to the reading, but the reward is one of the best stories that Podcastle has run in a long time (and there have been a lot of good ones!).

I also loved We Never Talk About My Brother. A story about Jacob and Esau, but not the ones from the Bible. The reader really adds to this one; the midwestern drawl is perfect for the small-town narrator of the story.

I’m currently listening to a reading of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Steve Anderson has read a bunch of stories for the Escape Artist podcasts and it’s not hard to hear why they keep bringing him back.

Good work, Escape Artists!

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September 1, 2012 1:58 pm
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