Lift is a free iPhone app which helps you achieve daily goals. It’s pretty and it’s simple: You make a list of habits that you want to achieve every day (say “Floss” or “Exercise” for example). Then you go them and check them off as you accomplish them. Over time, your chart fills up with little green dots that mark how frequently you achieved your goals.

It’s essentially the grown-up equivalent of those little sticker charts that parents and elementary school teachers use to motivate kids. It’s free for the iPhone, with Android and web versions promised for the future.

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March 19, 2013 7:14 pm
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    Thank you for this! If it weren’t for those sticker charts I would still be pooping in my pants. Seriously that is a huge feat if you think about it…
    I look forward to using this App to better myself even further.
    Thank you,

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