ASUS RT-N65U Custom Firmware

If you own an Asus RT-N65U, you owe it to yourself to upgrade it to this custom firmware. I know that it looks a bit sketchy, but this firmware takes all the features that ASUS shipped with the router and makes them better.

For example, the router ships with a bittorrent client that will download files onto an external hard drive you plug into the router. The stock firmware makes you log into the router’s configuration website and manually upload the .torrent file to start a download. This custom firmware watches a folder on the hard drive, so you just drop the .torrent files in there and it starts downloading them.

The DLNA client is simpler and better organized (sorting the files by name instead of by date which makes much more sense). And this custom firmware includes a VPN server which I don’t think the original firmware did at all.

Installation is simple. Just download the file, go into the router, choose Update Firmware, and give it the file you just downloaded. It’ll reset all your settings though, so write down your wifi settings and port forwarding settings and all that if you want to keep them.

I am pleased.

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November 15, 2013 10:02 am
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