On August 28, 2003, I wrote my first blog post.

Blogging was a big part of my self expression during my college years and the couple of years after. I'd share my college experiences, my political opinions, my thoughts on religion, and funny news articles.

On March 10, 2018, I took it all down. For a number of reasons:

I've archived all my old blogs onto a little Linux virtual machine that I'm keeping on my desktop, because I am a packrat.

But once I had taken down my blogs, I felt that I was missing something: I still wanted a place to write the sorts of long works that don't fit well into Facebook posts. Essays rather than paragraphs.

I planned at first to just hand code these as HTML, in a real old school Web 1.0 way. But it had been a while since I written any Python, so I fired up the old text editor and cobbled together a script over a weekend that converts Markdown-formatted text into HTML templates. There's definitely a lot more I could do with it (categories, comments, an actual posting interface), but I'm not interested in re-implementing Movable Type or WordPress here. This does just enough. Now when I want to write I can focus on the writing, which is all I really wanted out of the exercise.

Anyways. If you're wondering what happened to an old post that used to live here, now you know. The world is an impermanent place, and we're all writing on sand here.

-J. D. Harper